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Avant Garden Florist Gets a Brand Refresh With Personal Branding Photography from LaTour Design

Fresh. Unique. Memorable.

This is Avant Garden Florist’s tagline and it sets the tone and style for their brand. LaTour Design created this tagline for them and it fits their brand perfectly. Avant Garden is a boutique in downtown Delafield that specializes in offering the freshest flowers and most innovative design ideas. Their products and services are top-notch and truly unique. If you ever ordered any product from them, you already know this. Their unique – modern and contemporary floral arrangements are absolutely stunning. And the service, well Sarah and Angelika make their customers top priority always.

Fresh. Unique. Memorable. Memorable, that’s exactly what every small business owner and entreprenuer’s goal should be for their brand. Am I right? Sarah and I collaborate often and I knew I could help Avant Garden’s brand be more impactful. While her product and service is top-notch, her marketing efforts needed help. Being a small business owner, who has the time to do everything? Running the business, designing the product, managing people, serving customers and then doing all the marketing that should be done. I get it, it’s a lot! I’m a small business owner and juggle all these things around as well. This is where LaTour Design comes in and excels. We take the load off your back and make things easier for you!

How did LaTour Design help Avant Garden with a Personal Branding Photography Session?

We started with a personal branding photography session at the studio and shop. We will be doing quarterly sessions that will allow Avant Garden to have content for the whole year to use on their website and social media.

Here is how Avant Garden benefits from a personal branding photography session:

  • They stand out and set themselves apart from their competition
  • Allows them to tell their story with impactful photography and connect with potential leads
  • They are able to build trust and credibility
  • They now have increased engagement on social media platforms = more leads and/or followers!
  • Allows them to build an audience that connects with them

LaTour Design not only offers branded photography services, but also offers art direction and other marketing services to make your brand thrive.

Here are a few pics we captured in one of the sessions. Very unique, creative and modern…. just like Avant Garden Florist.

Here are a few other ways LaTour Design continues to help Avant Garden Florist:

  1. Set up strategic social media plans — Now that Avant Garden has beautiful images to post, I help them to plan what to send and when.
  2. Create an instagram template design — This shows how cohesive their instagram home page could look, using branded colors, fonts, style of pics, etc. Consistency is key.
  3. Create custom graphics and video clips — Creating custom graphics or clips to use on social media will set them apart from their competition, build an audience and increase engagement.
  4. Web audit — Quarterly, we go over their website and give recommendations on how to improve functionality and design to draw in new leads.
  5. Help with traditional and digital marketing collateral — Designing new direct mailers, on-line brochures and digital ads
    All of these things are making a difference and are making their brand stand out. Consistency and creativity are key to making a FRESH. UNIQUE. MEMORABLE. brand.

Does this sound like something you and or your brand needs help with?

Whether you’re starting a new business, launching a new product line, or looking to refresh a brand – LaTour Design is here to help you make a positive impact and THRIVE!
Contact us today for more information.    Book a Personal Branding Photography Session.

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